TQ Collection, Recovery & Recycling Service Ethos

TQ Collection, Recovery & Recycling Service Ethos

TQ Recycling recognises that current waste material management activities for a large number of businesses have evolved through historical waste management collection contracts.

These contracts over time can become fragmented and may not deliver the desired level of accountability and service needed for the collection, recovery and recycling of wastes from your business.

TQ Recycling response to this is to assess, understand and then exceed the recovery, recycling and material management needs of their customers.

TQ Recycling does this by ensuring it listens to its client base and consistently produces service products that are relevant, cost effective and compliant to all businesses it deals with across Devon & the South West.

The recycling service solution is very straight forward; we assess your needs on a business by business basis. TQ Recycling do this by carrying out a waste audit which reviews all aspects of your businesses waste materials.

TQ then recommend a containerisation solution, for example one residual bin and one Omni (dry recyclables) bin. This simple solution enables your company to recover at source and recycle more material that otherwise would be simply thrown to landfill.

We can help you quantify the effectiveness of any solution undertaken within your business by simply reporting to you the level of materials we are picking up by weight, volume and type.

TQ Recycling can do this because we have a recycling factory, which mechanically sort's material. We do this for you so you don't have to waste time and money doing it for us.

This is an important point as legislation focuses on penalising the waste producer through annual increases in landfill taxation. The TQ solution helps you manage this cost as we give you the option to divert materials from your general waste (material that goes to landfill) into our Omni bin (material which can be sorted and recycled within our recycling facility).

This ability to sort and recover materials and then ensure the data is transparent and accessible to our clients enables TQ to ensure the right solutions are tailored to clients particular requirements. Rather than a more traditional one size fits all approach, which is the “Waste Management” industry default response.

If this sounds like a service your company could use, then please ring TQ Recycling today.

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